Top 5 Programming Languages To learn In 2021

A complete knowledge and qualification in any of the computer language could help you a lifetime! If you’re comfortable with a language, then learning other programming languages will be a simple task.  

But what if you don’t have any prior knowledge in any language? What language should you learn first? What would be the best language in 2021? All these questions arise. But Fret not, cause this list has got you covered!  

If you aim to become a software developer, then learning how to code should be your first step. But with the diverse number of languages out there, it always confusing to select a one primary language.  

Hence, if you’re a fresher and are confused about where to start from, then scroll down to find the top in demand and efficient programming languages this 2021  

This list is curated based on many factors, like the time taken to learn a language, the difficulty level, job demand, and efficiency of the language.    

1. C++

Now! C++ is the first high-level computer language that’s based on object-oriented programming. It’s a reputed and efficient language that is enough for a beginner. I.e., if you ‘re looking for a language to start your programming career then there is no better open than C++.  

There are many reasons why C++ should be your ultimate choice. And the first one is that if you’re familiar with C++ then learning other languages will be easy.   

On top of that, top companies like Amazon, Facebook, twitter use C++ as their primary language.  

Thousands of games are created using C++ and the demand for C++ will surely remain high.  

To learn this language, an absolute beginner would likely take about 3 months to get familiarized with the syntax and a year studying of C++ will make you a professional.  

2. Java

The famous grand language everyone has heard of. While some adapt and love it, some developers think less of it. Either way, the fact that java is the ultimate programming language in the technological world is unbeaten!  

The most demanded programming languages out there! Java is famous. It’s used by thousand of brands and companies for creating software and mechanical products. Majorly used for enterprise applications.  

If you want to work at companies like Google and Microsoft, then start learning java today! They all use java for building massive programs.  

But just java would prove to be quite mundane. If you’re choosing java as a basic language to learn, then add frameworks like spring, HIBERNATE, etc. 

3. C#

C sharp is a very easy programming language that was built to complete with java. It uses a similar syntax to the C language.  

C# is widely used for developing Windows applications like the Microsoft excel, Microsoft office and web applications and also android applications.  

It’s a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. It encompasses static typing, strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.  

The virtual reality (VR) development that’s getting highly evolved also used C#. And developers who wish to curate 2D 3D games also should take up C# as their ultimate language.    

4. Python

Right now, the programming language that comes at the top in the list of demand is python. It’s the language every starter leans towards due its fame and efficiency.  

It’s known to be user friendly and easy to code and understand. The face detection tool invented in iOS and Androids was also developed using C sharp.  

It’s used to be companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify to build back-end applications. Instagram, the famous social media platform, also uses python for building back-end applications. If you ‘re interested in creating such applications, then this should be it!  

Additionally, it’s the number one language used for machine learning and data science.  

Python is considered pretty easy to learn. A beginner can get the hang of python is a period of about 3 months.    

5. Java script

Java script is highly recommended to a beginner. Not only because it’s easy to learn, but also because it’s popular and efficient. And can be mastered at the least time depending on your hard work.  

Selection of your desired language is totally your call. But java script could just be your choice. It’s user friendly and written in an easy, human understandable language.  

Java script has been the number one programming language on stack over for developer story for eight years straight in a row.  

Popular social media apps like Instagram and Facebook use java script. it’s used to make dynamic web pages instead of usual static sites. Website for Google, YouTube, twitter are all built with java script.  

Java script is easy and can be learned in 2 months. But again, just java script won’t help you grasp much of employment opportunities. Hence adding additional frameworks like Angular, react, nodeJS and express.  


While you decide which language to start learning to program, it’s important to keep many subjects in view.  

Like what are the fields you want to work at. Following a crowd shouldn’t be your answer.  

In present years, many young languages like go, rust, elm, ruby are existing that can be more favorable of what work you might be interested in.  

The technological industry is changing every day. And surely better languages could change the competition. But the languages mentioned above are the best choices in 2021, which also provide a promising steady future in the coming years.  

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