TCS NQT Syllabus 2021

Hello, enthusiasts! We are going to discuss the TCS NQT syllabus in this post.

Firstly, let me brief you about TCS NQT (national qualifier test) 2021. Basically, TCS National Qualifier Test (TCS NQT) is a multi-level assessment to assess the following competencies and skills. TCS NQT is an Ability Test that assesses your competencies and skills.

Secondly, each student who completes the TCS National Qualifier Test (TCS NQT) gets an NQT Score. The NQT (Cognitive Skills) Score is applicable for all industries and job roles. 

To compete with the world, you need to prepare well for the TCS NQT Examination. Candidates who will score good marks in TCS NQT will be hired for the various jobs in Tata Consultancy Services. According to a recent article, TCS Will Hire 40,000 Freshers Via National Qualifiers Test in 2021 and 2022.



TCS NQT Syllabus along with the TCS National Qualifier Test Pattern and Important topics in each section are provided in this article. Students can also find the Section Wise TCS NQT Syllabus 2021. Students who will complete their graduation are eligible to participate in the TCS National Qualifier Test (TCS NQT 2021). One can kick-start his/her preparation for the TCS NQT Exam using the given exact study material.

TCS-NQT Pattern for TCS Hiring.

TCS-NQT by TCS-iON Platform has various NQT variants on their website. But, if you want to get placed in TCS and looking for a developer role in TCS, then below are the two mandatory variants that you need to prepare for:

1. NQT Cognitive Skills

2. Subject NQT (IT-Programming)

Note: For MCQ based Questions in TCS NQT Exam, Negative Marking is not applicable.

Important Message by GeeksToCode for Students appearing for the TCS NQT 2021 exam.

Kindly go through all the points mentioned below.

  1. Everyone from the upcoming batch needs to understand that being eligible to give the TCS NQT exam and TCS hiring the students are completely two different things.
  2. TCS gives many chances to appear for the exam and only considers the best score out of all NQT scores.
  3. TCS company and TCS NQT (conducted by TCS iON) are two different entities. Don’t consider them one entity and get confused. There are many companies that TCS ION has tied up with and may hire different students through TCS NQT scores. TCS is one of them using NQT score to hire students.

Let us understand each section

TCS NQT Reasoning Ability Section

In TCS NQT Online Test, there will be 30 Questions asked from Reasoning Ability. So, candidates must answer them in 50 minutes. As there is no cut-off criteria, you can easily answer each question by logic. Moreover, the MCQ questions will be asked from the topics like Data Sufficiency – Rank Based Logic, Ages, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Ages, Odd Man Out – Numbers, Logical, Distance and Directions, Statement and Conclusion and etc.

TCS NQT Reasoning Ability Syllabus

Questions – 30 Ques
Time – 50 mins
Negative Marking – No

  1. Meaningful Word Creation
  2. Number Series – Missing Number Single, Missing Number Analogy
  3. Data Sufficiency – Rank Based Logic, Ages
  4. Blood Relations
  5. Coding-Decoding
  6. Ages
  7. Odd Man Out – Numbers, Logical
  8. Distance and Directions
  9. Statement and Conclusion
  10. Seating Arrangement (Easy)
  11. Seating Arrangement (Complex)
  12. Analogy
  13. Mathematical Operational Arrangement
  14. Symbols and Notations

Solved Examples

Q1. Which is the odd term in the following series? 




Answer: Option D


CMQ: The difference between C and M is 10. The difference between M and Q is 4.

FPT: The difference between F and P is 10. The difference between P and T is 4.

JTX: The difference between J and T is 10. The difference between T and X is 4.

OYC: The difference between O and Y is 10. The difference between Y and C is 4 (Here, the place value of C is 29 because, after Z which is the 26th letter, the 27th letter will be A, the 28th letter will be B, and so on)

UFI: The difference between U and F is 11 (Here the place value of F is 32). The difference between F and I is 3.

So, UFI is the odd term of the given series.

Q2. If 30 employees of the Planning department quit Company B and join the Planning department of Company A, then what is the percentage of employees in the Planning Department in the total employees in Company A?

A. 5.34% B. 6.16%

C. 6.32% D. 4.48%

Answer: Option C


Given, 30 employees quit Company B and join the Planning department of Company A.

Number of employees in the Planning department of Company A = 46+30 = 76

Total employees in Company A = 1202

Percentage of employees in the Planning Department in the total employees in Company A = (76/1202) X 100 = 6.32%

TCS NQT Numerical Ability Section

The Quantitative Aptitude Section has two sub-sections namely Standard & Advanced. The qualification of the aspirants will depend on two sections for the interview. The Advanced section of this group is one of the qualifiers for your eligibility for the test for TCS Hiring. The Quantitative Aptitude Section includes the questions from topics like Time and Work, Speed and Distance, Permutation and Combination, Profit and Loss, Puzzles, etc. So, the contenders need to prepare the given topics to score marks in the Quantitative Aptitude Section.

TCS NQT Numerical Ability Syllabus

Questions – 26 Ques Time – 40 mins Negative Marking – No

  1. Arrangements and Series
  2. P&C
  3. Number System, LCM & HCF
  4. Percentages
  5. Allegations and Mixtures
  6. Probability
  7. Ratios, Proportion, and Averages
  8. Reasoning
  9. Work and Time
  10. Speed Time and Distance
  11. Geometry
  12. Divisibility
  13. Profit and Loss
  14. Ages
  15. Clocks & Calendar
  16. Series and Progressions
  17. Equations
  18. Averages
  19. Area, Shapes & Perimeter
  20. Numbers & Decimal Fractions

Solved Examples

Q 1. 2/3rd of the balls in a bag are blue, the rest are pink. if 5/9th of the blue balls
and 7/8th of the pink balls are defective, find the total number of balls in the bag
given that the number of non-defective balls is 146?
a) 216
b) 649
c) 432
d) 578

Solution: Let the total no of balls = x
blue = 2x/3
pink = x/3
total no of defective balls = 10x/27 +7x/24
non defective balls = x-143x/216 =146
Thus, x=432

Q 2. Find no of ways in which 4 particular persons a,b,c,d, and 6 more persons
can stand in a queue so that A always stand before B. B always stand before C,
And C always stands before D.

Solution: a,b,c,d are grouped i.e consider them as one group and the remaining persons as 6.
Thus, the total ways in which they can stand is 6+1 = 7! Ways

TCS NQT Verbal Ability Section

Officials have included the English Section to check the communication skills of the candidates. This section will have 24 verbal questions to be answered in 30 minutes. To score well in the English Section, the myriads need to check all the topics and prepare well.

TCS NQT Verbal Ability Syllabus

Questions – 24 Ques
Time – 30 mins
Negative Marking – No

  1. Synonyms
  2. Antonyms
  3. Prepositions
  4. Sentence Completion
  5. Active and Passive Voice
  6. Spelling Test
  7. Spotting Errors
  8. Passage Completion
  9. Substitution
  10. Sentence Arrangement
  11. Transformation
  12. Idioms and Phrases
  13. Sentence Improvement
  14. Para Completion
  15. Joining Sentences
  16. Error Correction (Underlined Part)
  17. Error Correction (Phrase in Bold)
  18. Fill in the blanks

Solved Examples

In the following sentences, there may be some errors in the parts which are marked as A, B, C, D. Identify the part which has errors.

Q1. The University has announced that (A)/ everyone will take the examination now (B)/ will receive their results within (C)/ eight weeks at the latest. (D)

a. A                       b. B                       c. C                       d. D

Answer: C

Explanation: Correction: The University has announced that everyone who takes the examination now will receive their results within eight weeks at the latest.

There needs to be a connection between the subject and the verb which is provided by replacing ‘will’ with ‘who’.

Q2. For the sentence, choose the most appropriate option that best completes the given sentence. The refugee’s poor grasp of English is hardly an ____ problem; she can attend classes and improve within a matter of months.

a. implausible                                   b. insuperable

c. inconsequential                           d. evocative

Answer: B

Explanation: The word has to mean ‘impossible to be overcome.’ The word for it is ‘insuperable’

Implausible: not plausible, unlikely.

Inconsequential: having no consequence. Not consequential.

Evocative: that evokes a memory, mood, feeling or image.

TCS NQT Programming Logic Section

In the Programming Logic Section, there are ten programming questions from C language like input, output, debugging, basic programming concepts which are of MCQ or Fill up the Blanks type questions.

The coding section comprises 2 hands-on Questions. Aspirants can use any of the five languages C/ C++/ Java/ Python and Perl to code.

Questions – 2 Time – 15 mins + 30 mins Negative Marking – No

TCS NQT Programming Logic Syllabus

  1. Number Series Printing – Example – 1, 2, 5, 4, 25, 16, 125, 64 …… This series is a mixture of power of 2 and power of 5. You have to print the given series.
  2. Strings – Example – Read a string and convert all the uppercases to $ sign and all lower cases to & sign and print the output.
  3. Matrix – Finding the Highest sum for a row in a given matrix
  4. Pythagoras Triplets
  5. LCM of 3 numbers

For more information about this section, you can head on to

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Is TCS Nqt easy?

Technical Round is Tough, but overall it is easy.

Is TCS Nqt free?

Candidates do not have to incur any fee/cost to register for the recruitment process

What is the pattern of TCS Nqt?

TCS NQT is a 180 minutes Online Test. And it is conducted to check the basic aptitude, English, programming, and coding knowledge of the candidates.

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