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pubg graphics

May be you are pubg player or free fire player, but reading this post will completely change your view we are going to compare pubg vs free fire(which is better) in this post.

So if you are reading this post there are 50% chance that you are playing pubg and 50% chance you are playing free fire

Let’s see the data

pubg vs free fire geekstocode

Here you will see that the both game have equal market share.

Pubg have daily active user of 50M and Free Fire also have 50M daily active user.

But in this post we are going to do comparison. But someone said, comparison should only be made in same level.

Before starting comparison we are clearing that Mobile Ram size and processor matter.

So, we are comparing on OPPOF11 which has 6GB Ram. Now,

We are going to rate pubg and free fire out of 10 points. All of 10 points are different and are given below

Initial – Pubg = 0 and free fire = 0;

Graphic’s in Pubg vs Free Fire

If you are pubg player and see free fire graphics, you feel like free fire graphics are unrealistic. but if you are free fire player you feel pubg graphics more realistic.

Pubg graphics give you feel like, every which surround you is real, door opening sound, gun loading sound, vehicle sound etc.

Compare from below

Pubg graphics geekstocode
Pubg Graphics
free fire graphics geekstocode
Free Fire graphics

So, Pubg = 1 and Free fire = 0

Camping in Pubg vs Free Fire

How many of you are killed by camper’s, almost all of you. So if you love camping than pubg is better option. There are many campers in pubg than free fire

So, I am not camper and I am adding 1 point in free fire

Pubg = 1 and free fire = 1

Ping and Lag in Pubg vs Free Fire

I know almost all of you stuck in this situation

server time out in pubg

In comparison to pubg, free fire has good server control. Pubg are playing around globe, so many time this type of error is common, mostly in low end device

So, here is plus point for free fire

Now, Pubg = 1 and free fire = 2

Map in Pubg vs Free Fire

As we all know there are 4 map in pubg

  1. Miramar
  2. Sanhok
  3. Vikendi
  4. Erangel

These are map in pubg and most used and loved one are Erangel

Now, have a look at Free Fire Map

  1. Garena
  2. Bermuda

Map in pubg have very high dimension than Free fire which makes pubg more interesting and adventurous.

From there Pubg earn one more point, Pubg = 2 and Free fire = 2

GamePlay Time

Game play in pubg last up to 30-35 minutes, If you killed at 100th your gameplay is of 0 minute that’s obvious. But in Free fire gameplay is shorter and of 10-15 minutes

Longer game play make match more interesting and competetive

So, here pubg wins, Pubg = 3 and Free fire = 2

Gun Mechanism(Recoil’s etc)

If you are pubg player, you must be aware of recoil of AKM+6x(Nobody use it I know)

In Pubg, to make game more realistic they have good concept of recoil mechanism and gun performance with different-different objects. Such as M416 with angle foregrip produce low recoil

In free fire there is low number of attachment with guns, which make game sometime boring

Here, Pubg = 4 and free fire = 2

Outfit’s and Skin

No One can beat Pubg in term’s of outfit and skin. Pubg have many good designer. I think no one forget about glacier skin of M416

m416 glacier skin geekstocode
M416 glacier Skin

M416 glacier become crush for many pubg player. Free fire do not have high number of outfit and skin in comparison to Pubg but they are focusing toward it.

So, Pubg = 5 and Free fire = 2


Pubg wins. Yes! Pubg lead this comparison by 3 points. May be you are free fire player and do not like our judgement but this is reality and also my point of view.

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