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In this post we are going to discuss the best book for nimcet preparation

Hi, As we all know the NIMCET 2021 is officially postponed, same as NIMCET 2020, as informed by the National Institute of Technology, and also there is Covid time running, we are unable to join coaching centers. Now our main source of learning is online and books and we are here to guide for your NIMCET .

So, without wasting your time let’s start the discussion for preparing this entrance test.

We will cover the books for NIMCET 2021 subject wise

Mathematics Books –

Mathematics is the scoring subject the according to NIMCET Exam pattern. Out of 1000 Marks, 600 Marks is for Mathematics. So you need to choose the best books and plan to prepare. Some of the best books are –

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics for NIMCET

Bible of Maths is also known as RD Sharma. One of the most important in the list of NIMCET Preparation Books, Whether you are preparing for IIT or any entrance exams which require maths as one of the subjects

Purchase RD Sharma online or from any book store near you. Try to solve RD Sharma completely and not to miss any questions from RD Sharma. This book covers all the Chapters of the NIMCET Syllabus.

First unit is for 11th and second is for 12th. Learn the concept and practice on RD Sharma.

Approximate price of RD Sharma objective is about 300 INR

NCERT Mathematics for Class 11 and 12

The second most important book for NIMCET Is NCERT. NCERT is also important for engineering entrance exams.

You first need to go through all the topics discussed in the book and then go to practice section and solve the question to better understand the Chapter

You can purchase the NCERT Books online from amazon or from your near by book store.

Approximate price of NCERT Books are 200 INR

These are some important books or you can say the most important books for NIMCET. You can purchase or download pdf from google.

For more practice you must solve previous year question papers and some other study material.

Logical Reasoning Books –

Logical reasoning is the second most important topic for NIMCET according to NIMCET Syllabus. Out of 1000 Marks, 240 Marks is for Logical reasoning. A total of 40 Questions is asked from the Logical Reasoning Section.

You need better to grab the concept of logical reasoning to score well in the exams. We here discuss some books for Logical reasoning but keep in mind that for logical reasoning you need to cover all the topics

Below we discussed the two books but you don’t need to buy both any of the books work for you.

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal

You can purchase this book from Amazon or you’re near by book store. This book is best for your NIMCET Preparation. This book is also suggested to SSC or banking students.

This book contain various topics of Logical reasoning but you don’t need to study all the topics.

Firstly, sort out the syllabus of LR in NIMCET and according to that start studying this book. It saves your precious time.

Analytics Reasoning By MK Pandey

This book is also very important for practicing the LR Topics. This book contains all the topics of Analytics reasoning and you can use this book to give a boost to your preparation.

Learn the concept of Logical reasoning from Youtube and practice using these books to get topics easily.

As stated above you only need to purchase any one of them, please don’t purchase both books.

Also, solve the logical reasoning section of previous year’s papers to get what NIMCET is asking and which topics are more important in NIMCET.

English Books

According to my opinion, you don’t need any book for English preparation. Your basic knowledge of English is enough.

But for you, we are providing you the best two options. You can choose any of the books and purchase them.

Objective General English Arihant Latest Edition

As we all know Arihant is a great publisher of competitive books, this book is also very helpful for you.

The book by SP Bakshi is best in terms of English practice. This book is widely used in the market for other competitive preparation and you can also buy it and start learning and practicing.

High School English Grammar
and Composition Book

If you want to grab the concept deeply then you can use this book. This is a very famous book for English grammar and used across the world.

This book gives you complete detailed about the language and how to learn in easy way.

You can get each and every answer from this book. Most people use this book and found helpful.

This book is not focus any fixed exam, but you can study this book for learning English language.

These are the two most important book for your NIMCET English preparation.

Computer Books

Basically, you also don’t need any book for computer awareness, If you are pursuing any computer applications course.

But for now we are going to discuss only one book and you definitely purchase this book

P. K. Sinha Computer Fundamentals

I know you all are familiar with this book. You have already study this book in your B.C.A Semesters.

This book is only the most important book for Computers and if you had this book you don’t need any other material for computer study.

Learn Number System, Conversion, K Map, Gates from this book and practice also.

Apart from this try hands on previous year questions.

Must Have Books for NIMCET

As we discuss all the books that are related to the NIMCET, but now we are going to discuss one of the most important books which is Arihant MCA Previous Year Papers.

Arihant MCA Paper Set

Last but not least in the most important books for NIMCEt.When you completed the course please purchase this book and start solving each and every paper of the book.

Try to solve as many times as you can. Many times previous year paper questions repeat in the paper.

Having a better hand on this will help you surely.

Conclusion on Best Book For NIMCET Preparation

It’s up to you whether you purchase the book or not but having them with yourself is good for you.

We spend many hours finding the book and make them reviewed it. Hope you like our post on NIMCET Preparation Books. Best of Luck. You can also check our newly launched blog on NIMCET which is Also, share this website with your friends.

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