NIMCET without Coaching!!

As we know the NIMCET fad has become a new way for youngsters for a start up. One could just crack it after their Bachelors in eligible subjects. Prior scores in each subject will get your way to the Enrolment of NIMCET. However, scoring an AIR is considered to be difficult by many. This many fall into the category of no experience. This students are basically scared of the change. They are unknown to the fact that, this entrance will intimately change their future too. The one knowing this get to work at a glance. Some sit steady thinking of the hurdles in future. Furthermore, it’s miserable for those who are misguided about the portion, syllabus, etc etc. So today we are here to bring you out of the pool of confusion.

The best way for getting prepared is through coaching, but we deny this fact. You can definitely prepares yourself as the other 1000s. All you need is discipline, dedication and a Reason. All of them will lead you to your dream NIT. However, there’s even more that you need. Some good tips, syllabus to cover, preparation books, etc. This articles gives you the same ; that is, How to Crack NIMCET Without Coaching

What do you have to prepare for??

This is an essential question with no exact answer. One can prepare itself better when he knows the height to be climbed. The height for NIMCET is just a couple of digits in all the four subjects. It is easy if some work is done on the statistical data. This statistics are nothing but the markings(positive and negative) and Cut offs. So further we are providing the exact markings and cut offs for each NIT.

Actually, The maximum marks of NIMCET are 480. But, while generating the Rank Card. They follow the following steps.

NIMCET consists of 120 questions

1.50 mathematics each carry 12 marks for a correct answer and -3 for incorrect.

2. 40 reasoning and quantitative aptitude each carry 6 marks for a correct answer and -1.5 for incorrect.

3. 20 English each carry 4 marks for a correct answer and -1 for incorrect.

4. 10 computer each carry 8 marks for a correct answer and -2 for incorrect.

So in short

math 50*12=600

reasoning 40*6=240

computer 10*8=80

English 20*4=80

Cut-off of NIMCET as per the general category.

1.For NIT Trichy (above 590 )

2.For Suratkal (above 550)

3.For MNNIT Allahabad (above 540)

4.For NIT Calicut and Bhopal(above 520)

5.For NIT Jamesdpur (above 500)

6.Rest NITs (between 480-500)

This Cut offs are as per the year 2021. The cut off change and hence one needs to get notified about them annually.

So this is all you need to work for!! Now let’s see how are you going to work for it :

How to Crack NIMCET Without Coaching

Math Is The Boss :

Relating the above marking scheme one can notice the fact that Math is the Boss. Maths has the 600 marks for you from the 1000. It is obvious hence to work for it. After Bachelors, you know many more concepts of maths. Focusing on every one can be difficult. So the first thing you should consider is the Basics. The basics can give you way through the toughest problems. You need to understand and conceptualize them in your head. The next move is to solve JEE mains paper for a batch of years. This batches are like from the last 20 years first, then 10 years. You need to solve recent papers twice. Completing them you can head to NIMCET practice papers. You need to practice all of this daily. Maths should be given at least 4 hours. Then you are ready to crack It!!

Analysing :

The upper and very important tip is based on thorough Analysis. While appearing for exams like NIMCET Analysis Of the syllabus, papers, repeated questions, etc is important. This let’s you understand the basic pattern. Eventually, it makes your Preparations easy. There are several ways used by students for analysing. The best one is to take help from previous applicants. Grow your contacts with previous applicants. Ask them question about syllabus, repeated questions.. Spend time analysing on YouTube, official websites, Practice papers, search engines, etc. It will take lot of time, but will help you a lot too. So make sure you start with it.

Books :

“Take a Good Book to bed with you – Books don’t snore.” I would add, they guide you to success. Books are the whole and soul of NIMCET. A book will provide you 1000 questions from which 100 will definitely be useful. Hence, I don’t mind to include it into the list. For NIMCET, there are subject based books. You can even concern the books of JEE mains, precisely for math Preparations. Books for other subjects can be taken from authorized publications and writers. For example, books of Arihant publications and Lucent Publications as well from writers like Saumya Behera are most trusted for Computer Awareness. The reason to take authorized books is that, one don’t need to work more to search the relevancy of the content. Also these books are updated yearly as in the changing syllabus.

Previous Years Questions :

This very much gets included into the analysis tip. However, there are tips given to freeze to the repeated questions. In NIMCET there are total 120 Questions. These questions are productively distributed into 4 sections. The English and Aptitude sections are very easy to handle in the last 2 3 months. For English one can dig in into it’s 10 and 12th Grammar books, as far as the spoken English is near to fluent. The Aptitude can even be bypassed by solving puzzles, coding, blood relation questions, etc. However, for math and Cs one need to take help from previous papers. Plot down all the 120 question of every year and see the one with Similar solving patterns. This can even be done by someone else.

YouTube is Your Teacher :

Preparations for an exams is never easy without a teacher. But we aren’t promoting any coaching here!! The technology has provided us with lots of free sources. One of these technologies is YouTube. You can search in for the explanations of Basics Concepts. Even the tough questions can be understood through YouTube. When searching for it make sure you be dependent on just 1 or 2 channels. The max is 3. Experience all and choose the one you are comfortable with and stick to it. Changing it for every topic may keep you at loss. Apart from YouTube, doubtNut is a relevant source too.

JEE is the best Friend :

As discussed before, JEE mains papers and books are included in the part of NIMCET Preparations. JEE is called to be more difficult than NIMCET. So if you have passed JEE mains with good rank than your chances of cracking NIMCET increases. You can eventually handle the Math part which contributes 60% of the exam. All you need to do is revise. But if you are weak at English and CS than you need to work hard. The tricks for passing English are already told. For CS one should go through the BCA Fundamentals and related books. Then you will have a good grab at both the subjects. So, JEE being your best friend will reduce the math work and focus on other subjects.

Planning :

“Plan the Tour Before you start your Wheels.” The same should happen in this case. You need to plan your whole journey Of NIMCET. Firstly, the Analysing, Books, sources, YouTube, discussions with passed outs etc. A probable duration of 6 months will go in this. Then comes a little cross checking and getting ready part. It is preceded by starting the studying, revising and all stuffs. Finally, giving the exams peacefully. For studying you need a plan too. You should give 4 to 5 hours to build basics and conceptualise a subject. The other subjects if conquered, can be given less time. But if not, they need their due attention. In short you need to plan it.

Practice :

“Practice makes Applicant crack NIMCET!!” Either you are good at a topic or not ; you need to keep all your over and simple confidence away and Practice. Practice the questions from books. When they are captured, run to websites providing free mock tests. Practice it too! Then prepare your own questionnaire and practice that. But Don’t Stop. Even until they very end of the exam ; think you are just practicing the papers and give it out. These overall practice can create a boredom. So come out of it for some time and reward yourself for everything. Jut for few minutes think about everything excluding NIMCET. After 30 minutes or so come back again. Though boring you time to time, it will help you live your Dream.

Dedication and Focus :

The dedication and focus comes when you know the Reason to start. We all know, if we love a particular subject we could just do it over and over again. Everything related to the subject seems new and exciting. The same does not happen with least favourite subjects. These subjects needs specific reason to study. This reason will also bring that dedication to your studies. This dedication will help you focus on a thing. You further won’t need to revise it again till the exams. Hence, dedication and focus will be your one time passwords to NIMCET. Hereby, you can use the same trick used for practice to bring back both the buddies.

Advices from Students :

This tip is kept for the last. But it is the very first thing to do. You need to connect to people, talk to them about NIMCET, and related Careers. Get known to the pros and cons of NIMCET from them as well. Once you make your mind, start discussing with them the strategies. The things to put first and last, the foundations, the books and everything else. A true NIMCET cracker will always help you with genuine solutions. Make sure to transfer this contacts from students to teacher as well. Teachers will give you in depth information. They will expose the information secrets which many students might not known. So taking their help will keep you in the race.

Conclusion :

The overall stand to this article is to help you out. We have done it certainly!! Our many articles feature the books used for NIMCET. This books are updated and authorized the way you require. Similar, we have articles featuring the coaching websites providing free mock tests. Our whole motive is to make you stand without coaching and we have successfully completed it. Following all the ten tips, will surely get you to your destinations.

Here’s the link to the Articles :

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Also, make sure to be freed and relaxed in spaces. Stay tuned for More Information!! Keep studying, Best of Luck….

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