Top 10 C++ programming books for beginners

Here are the best C++ programming books for beginners, but before that let’s have an idea of C++.

C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It’s the most primary and basic programming language that every programmer at least needs to know vividly. It is used in the development of games, applications, browsers, etc.

Thus, as the growing popularity and need for professional coders increases, many people are taking up C++ as their career choice. And since it’s a very flexible and powerful language, C++ should also be the start on your path as a beginner!

Why C++ should be your start?  

C++ is efficient and rewarding once mastered. And it’s advised that every beginner should start his journey in programming with a strong grasp on C++, as it’s an extension of the C language and is mainly familiar in structure.   

When a starter who is majorly interested in the technical and computer world and wants to progress, it’s only reasonable that they start with C++. Like mentioned earlier, It’s not just convenient, but it also rivals any other high-level language.  

For instance, java is a very popular and highly used machine language in industries globally, and C++ is just as worthy and useful. But the basics to learn a majestic language like java should first be learnt from C++.  

In simple words, C++ it’s a primary language with human readable construct. And it all comes down to how consistent you are with coding. Picking up languages becomes easy when you have a solid base of any computer language. And C++ could just be it!  

Best way to learn C++ 

There are many ways you can study C++. From online tutorials to coaching classes. The computer world is full of options. But none of it will have a luxuriant feeling without a textbook.  

Among many numerous languages, C++ is gaining popularity and a sizeable amount of pursuers every day. And selecting the right material from the abundant amount of books for a beginner like you could prove to be a laborious task.  

But hopefully, this list of C++ programming books for beginners will help you have your desired choice!  

On that note, let’s get started on the list of top 10 books you will need in order go learn C++ programming as a beginner! 

C++ programming books for beginners

C++ Primer (5th Edition)  

Author- Josée Lajoie and Stanley B. Lippman 
Latest Edition – 5th Edition 

c++ primer

This book should be every starter’s first choice! It provides just the ideal introduction To C++ that every beginner would need to get going.  

Unlike many books out there that teach the C++ programming through the C language, which isn’t very fortunate for beginners. The “C++ primer” introduces you directly to the modern C++ model with no C language heritage.  

The book covers the latest features of C++ 11, providing the reader with the updated information about new topics and tools.  

It deeply covers the majority of the concepts and gives solved and unsolved examples for the reader’s better understanding. The up to the point sample questions make you understand the core techniques of the language easily.  

Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design  

Author – Scott Meyers 
Latest Edition –  1st Edition

effective c++

Effective C++ is a book for people of any skill level. Even if you’re a beginner or a professional with a programming background. This book will still serve its purpose.  

It covers minor topics like multithreaded systems, resource management, exceptions, and many more in-depth.  

But as much as C++ is an amazingly complex delight, it also has many pitfalls. And Scott Meyers gives legit illustrations to explain how you can avoid them.  

It’s a book full of principles and best practices that doesn’t just tell you how to code efficiently, but also explains the significance behind each concept and why it’s done the way, it’s done. 

The C++ Programming language 

Author- Bjarne StrousBjarn                                                           
Latest Edition   – 4th edition.     

c++ programming books

“The C++ programming language” is called as the ultimate C++ bible. The readers also believe that it’s a holy gift, as it’s written by the creator of C++ himself, Bjarne Stroustrup. From one of the best editions that he has ever written, this book is a must-have for every programmer, regardless less of your skill level 

It gives in-depth descriptions and excellent intel on every aspect and provides current and comprehensive coverage of all C++ language features and standard library components. 

Some topics you would master here include abstract classes, hierarchies for object-oriented programming, generic software exceptions, error handling, algorithms, standard strings, I/O streams, etc.  

“C++ Programming Language” will help you in building quality and stable programs while teaching you various techniques and principles to strengthen the core topics of the language. 

The Design and Evolution of C++ 

Author-  Bjarne Stroustrup 
Latest edition- 1st Edition

Another book from the creator of C++  himself. This book has in-depth detail of why C++ is the way it is. What were the struggles and theories behind this language? How did we end up with the present day C++ coding style?  

If your interested in Learning behind the scenes of C++ language design and what logic was implemented during the curation of C++, then Bjarne Stroustrup Has written in great detail of what decisions led to the current day C++ features.  

Even after the language has evolved in all these years, knowing it’s history is important. And this book can serve as a great deal in helping you grab all the needed intel about the minor things that you will need in advancing in this field.  

C++: The Complete Reference  

Author – Herbert Schildt  

This book gives you the complete guidance to C++. It contains to the point explanations and easy samples of real life analogies. The author has amazingly descripted topics like the Syntax of C++, preprocessor directives, Arrays, statements, pointers, strings, and expressions.  

And like most of the books mentioned above, this book is applicable for beginners and professionals. A must have for those who are looking for a clear and easy introduction to ease you into C++ with little confusion and queries.  

Herbert talks about every particular topic in crisp details that are easy for you to remember and work on.  

Some more major topics include inheritance, virtual functions, name spaces, templates, and complete description of STL. It’s a book that promises you knowledge and answers with each a turn of page!  

Let Us C++ 

Author – Yashavant Kanetkar 
Latest Edition – 8th Edition 

let us c++

The author is a globally known professional who has written many masterpieces. And let us C++ is one of it. He has curated hundreds of programming samples and to solve exercises for every aspect of C++ with each ending chapter.  

The book walks you through the basic concepts like it’s assumed you have no previous knowledge of any topics. For a complete beginner, this book will surely feel like the best companion out there that you will look up to every time you find an issue.  

It provides real-tested demos and is a lengthy yet thorough book which covers all the features and functions of C++.  

Complicated topics like the Structures, Unions, Bit-fields, Bitwise Signal Handling, Blocking of Signal, templets, exception handling are all framed into organized sections that are explained dramatically easily for your finer understanding.  

A tour of C++  

Author – Bjarne Stroustrup  
Latest Edition- 1st edition 

c++ programming books for beginner

This book is literally what the title says. It’s a guide that tours you through C++ key features and core topics in a moderately detailed manner.  

Covering major language features and library components in a delineate manner that gives programmers a meaningful overview of the language, key examples, and helps in getting started with creating powerful programs.  

The book provides you with a variety of samples to test out and exercises to solve. Reading cover to cover, it tours you around all the basics and important aspects of C++.  

The book is has an overview from the author who invented the language. It’s notably clearer and more concise than most of the C++ programming books that are sold today.  

Thinking in C++  

Author – Bruce Eckel
Latest Edition – 2nd Edition  

thinking in c++

“Thinking in C++” is a book that offers clear and direct information that a beginner needs to get in order to be eased into this beautifully complex programming language.  

The book aims to help you in structuring better codes and building fault-free program that run without errors.   

It covers C++11 and assists the reader in familiarizing himself with the new modern features of C++.       

It covers topics like Strings, IO streams, Templates, Generic algorithms, Generic containers, Runtime type identification, Multiple inheritance, Design patterns, Concurrency, etc.  

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++  

Author- Bjarne Stroustrup  
Latest Edition – 2nd Edition 

bjarne stroustrup

Another one from the creator himself! This book discusses object-oriented programming and the generic programming and is an amazing guide for beginners.  

It’s definitely written for people who have no background in programming. It covers both the C++ 11 and C++14, easily framing up everything together from cover to cover with curated index.  

This well-organized book will help you get a friendly approach towards C++.  

And like any other C++ book, “Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++” also covers the usual topics like operators, functions, classes, input/output, statements, strings, etc.  

Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day 

Author-  Siddhartha Rao 
Latest Edition- 7th Edition 

c++ programming books for beginners

“Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day” is a very well-written book that provides easy yet enough content for a beginner.  

Providing with sample questions after each topic. They constructed the questions in a form that isn’t complex. In fact, all the examples and samples you will find in this book are basic, yet sharp.  

The book helps you learn how to use C++11 to create faster and simpler C++ programs. A beginner can effortlessly Master the fundamentals of C++ and object-oriented programming by reading this book.  


With little of fuzz, you can master the art of creating compact and efficient codes using concepts such as lambda expressions, move constructors, and assignment operators.   

And once you’ve made your decision , you are just a few hardworking days away from being a qualified programmer.  

Hopefully, C++ programming books for beginners list has helped you in your search for a beginner’s guide for aspiring C++.  

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