Best Book For NIMCET Computer Preparation

Hi, We are going to discuss the Best book for NIMCET computer preparation, but before that let’s have a little bit of introduction to the Nimcet Exam. Also refers to the 2021 Computer section Question of the NIMCET Exam.

The passion for marking a career in computer technology has led to the formation of another examination for the students. The NIMCET is now considered as important as Boards, UPSC, JEE, NEET, and Others. It gives the eligible applicant an opportunity to continue their further career at the NIT all over India.

These nits are recognized to make their students exceptional and solution seekers to various computer complexity. Having such a lookout for the problem helps them get a good payment at their disposal. Hence, these applicants are more in number and are increasing significantly for the years to come.

As said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul”; also the preparation without a right book is completely worthless. Especially for exams like this, it’s important to have a good record of updated study material with you.

The wrong material will lead you to wrong finding and even waste your time. Suggestions from the previous applicants could be considered as a ray of hope in this case.

Nevertheless, the yearly updating of these books makes it hard to keep a firm record. Much more of the time of the student just goes in finding the right material and at last, he gives up just because he couldn’t find the right material.

The many more sites of the Internet confuse them more and make things miserable.

But here we have got for you only the things you require so far. The main aim is to cut out all the doubts of the students and give them away without wasting their precious time.

There are many aspects to concern and work for them when it comes to such exams. Lots of research and head aching information makes you mad within no time. But here you’ll only find the thing you need the most.

We have divided this article into two parts. In those parts, you’ll first find some essential points to check when buying a book for the preparation for the exam. In the second part, you’ll find all the book names with authors’ names.

This is the set of updated books for the preparation of NIMCET Computer Awareness. Since this is the main and focused paper of all the others, we have given it more emphasis and found some good things for you

Essential Points to consider for buying a Preparation book for NIMCET


The variety of books present in the market can misguide a child with relating to its study material. The contents of all the books are never similar. The same lies with the author.

In fact, the author is the one making a book sellable. Hence, most renowned and experienced authors and well-rooted publishers should always be given the first chance. These can even help you conserve your time.


The ever-changing syllabus of NIMCET is difficult to chase. It is important for one to jot down the syllabus given up by the authorities for the given year and find presumed books for it.

It becomes difficult as not a single book handles the whole of the syllabus and the candidates are expected to rely on multiple sources.

Practice paper

The books bought for preparation usually come with lots of practice papers. But sometimes it can be overruled too. The applicant must hold the responsibility to cross-check the presence of papers in the books. If the papers are missing, the applicant will have to bear the time delays taking place due to the same. So, it’s better to be up to the mark


It feels underrated if everything is ready but in the wrong direction. Updated syllabus is the foremost thing checked by the candidate. If they buy all the books and get to know that the books are without updating.!!

It will definitely be a big wastage of time and wealth. Hence, the crosschecked syllabus will keep you in benefit


Comparison is the most important part of buying the book. Comparing to last yearbooks, comparison to question papers, etc.

It is important because it shows us the integrated capability and content we will be getting in a book. Comparison of books should also be done to the books with other colleagues and applicants.

Best book for NIMCET computer preparation

1. Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exams by Saumya Rajan Behera.

2. Computer Fundamentals By Pradip K Sinha.

3. Exam Preparation Books for Lucent’s Computer By Lucent Publications.

4. Objective Computer Awareness By Arihant Experts.

Book PDF links

The effort taken by a student to search for the right book is much more. So the effort to search the free links for the same is. So, to make things easier we are attaching the PDF links to all the books mentioned above. These books are reliable for the year 2021.

We keep our websites updated and hence you could find the books for the upcoming years too.

Computer Awareness Pdf for General Competitive Exams by Saumya Rajan Behera

Computer Fundamentals PDF By Pradip K Sinha.

Lucent’s Computer Pdf By Lucent Publications.

Objective Computer Awareness PDF By Arihant Experts.

All these links will help you reach your destination of desired books. Hope you could find all of them in a place and for free.

However, these books are also available on Amazon and another e-book platform. There they are given out in their paid version.

It is advisable for all to instated use the link format for studying. The need for hardcopy anyways requires you to pay a fixed amount. As restored both of the ways are measurable for studying easily.


Therefore, we have given you the Best book for NIMCET computer preparation, Finding the best source for everything is always possible. Through the books mentioned above, you can prepare yourself to the point and get higher rankings.

The most searched one is the computer Awareness book for NIMCET Arihant PDF. This computer book for NIMCET is specialized for the year 2021. The applicants appearing this year can completely rely on the books mentioned above.

As told before, the syllabus updating process makes it difficult to chase the exact material. This appropriately changes the books to be purchased.

However. Some publications and authors remain the same. So you can even take the help of the authors mentioned above to select the correct book

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