5 Different Application of array in real life

This article deals with the application of array in real life. I spend more than 2 days to research the topic and creating images, hope you enjoy this article.


We all know arrays are important in today’s world. They are hugely used in the processing of data. But arrays play an important role in real life too. Let’s see the application of the array in real life in this article. Let’s discover the applications briefly.

First let’s see some real time examples of arrays to make this topic a little fun!

Real life example of array

An array is an arrangement of objects in a rectangular manner. So every object in our daily life arranged in this manner is an array.

Let’s take an egg box. The eggs are arranged in a rectangular fashion. This is in fact, an example of a 2D array.

Pictorial representation of egg tray as array

We all read books. The page number present in the books are examples of the array. Skipping to a particular page number is similar to fetching a random element from an array.

We play cards all the time. We can say that cards are also examples of a single dimension array. The question in a section of the question paper is an array. Likewise, in day to day life, we can find many examples of arrays.

Array application In Real Life

Array in phone

Now, we wish to save a contact number on our phone. The contact app on our phone contains a lot of contacts. They are stored in the form of an array. When we add or delete a contact in our phone, this is similar to adding or deleting elements in an array.

Some applications of arrays in phone-based is the music playlist we create. Here playlist is an array and the songs are elements. Let’s picture how this would look like. The below image is just a perception and not an accurate one.

playlist-application of array
Playlist depicted as array

The phone contacts on our phone would also look in a similar manner. We order products online. We add the products we wish to buy to the cart. The server stores the ordered products in the form of an array. These two examples are simple which is the application of array in real life.

Array in matrices

We use matrices in math, right? They are nothing but 2D arrays. Matrices are widely used in marking surveys which is an efficient way. In geology, matrices represent the seismic survey. Matrices also represent graphs, statics in scientific and research fields.

Today’s population has grown to a huge level. It is difficult to represent those data. This is when the array comes into the picture for the storage of population rate and mortality rate. The marketing field uses arrays to store asset reports and stocks.

Stack application

We know that stack uses an array application technique. Now let’s see the real-time application of stack.

When we give a computer a mathematical expression it solves it by the stack. Let’s see an example of this. Consider an expression a+b. The computer actually solves the expression as shown in the image below

Stack operation for expressions

The undo operation we perform is also a stack. This is nothing but removing the elements from the top.

Many syntaxes for several programming languages are parsed only with the help of a stack. Virtual machines like JVM makes use of an array to a very extended level.

Queue application

Like stack, queue also uses array technique. Now real-time examples of queues are discussed.

We perform various tasks on a computer, which in turn are managed by the CPU. CPU uses the queue technique for scheduling the tasks. It is one of the important applications of the queue as the whole system performs according to this queue. Let’s see an example. Say, we have 6 processes and the queue will look somehow like this. Again, this picture is based on perception only.

Queue array of CPU

Networking is an important part of today’s era. We transfer texts, images, etc. All these are done using networks. In networking, data transfer is done through packets and packet transformation is done based on the queue. Networking congestion handling uses a queue.

Array in hashtable

Hash table uses array operations. Cryptography systems uses hash tables. One such function is message digest. It is a function which creates strings in the form of array by one way hashing formula.

The file server system makes use of a hashing system to link the files present. An important application of hashing is password verification. When we enter a password, the password is encrypted using a hash value and then verified. This protects the intruder from attacking.


Hope this article made you understand the importance of arrays and their applications in a very clear-cut manner. It is indeed surprising that the day-to-day objects we use are arrays. Keep learning and happy coding! You can try some problems related to an array-like first repeating element in an array and the Second largest number in an array

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