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Android Studio Latest Version

Hi, In this post we are going to talk upon the android studio version and which version best suits your laptop/pc.

But, First come on some basic question

What is Android studio

Android studio is a google product, which focus on developing android application. It is a integrated environment for android app development. It is basically a extended version of Intellij Idea.

If you are an Intellij user, you find many features and also Interface the same as of android studio.

Some of the most important feature of android studio

A flexible gradle build system

Feature full emulator to test your app

Github Integration

Build In support for Map, Firebase etc

Different Android Version

Google release almost 12 version every year of android studio. This means a new version every month. Currently, the latest version is 3.6


February 3.6.1

March 3.6.2

April 3.6.3


October 3.5.1

November 3.5.2

December 3.5.3

And if you see in official docs, you will find many version and every version comes with fixing a new bug, giving a new feature

Which Android Version You should Choose?

As an Android Developer, I prefer to use the latest version of android studio.

After every update, you will see the notification on your previous android studio to update.

Kindly Update to see better features and fewer bugs.

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