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19 February 2020, when the first preview of Android 11 is released on its 11th Birthday.

As we all know android changes the future of Mobile, from robustness to security, multiple features, and many more things no one can beat android.

Android R is released for developers only so that they can give feedback to Google. If you want to use Android R(11) right now then you can do the following things.

How to use Android 11

Currently this OS is only available for Pixel 2, 3a, 3, 4.

If you want to use it you can get it from here

First Preview of Android 11

On 19 February 2020 Google release First Preview with the following innovation

5G Experience

5G brings reliably quicker speeds and lower dormancy to more clients around the globe. With 5G you can broaden your Wi-Fi application encounters -, for example, gushing 4K video or stacking higher-res game resources – to portable clients, or you can manufacture new encounters planned explicitly for 5G

Pinhole and Waterfall screens

Applications can oversee pinhole screens and cascade screens utilizing the current showcase pattern APIs. In the event that you need, another API lets your application utilize the whole cascade screen including the edges, with insets to assist you with overseeing collaboration close to the edges.

One Time Permission

For the most delicate kinds of information – an area as well as for the gadget amplifier and camera – clients would now be able to give brief access through a one-time authorization.

This consent implies that applications can get to the information until the client moves from the application, and they should then demand authorization again for the following access

Second Preview of Android 11

On 18 March 2020 Google release it’s second preview for developer’s with following updates

Resume On Reboot

Android ]11 improves the experience of scheduled overnight over-the-air software updates. Like in previous versions of Android, the device must still reboot to apply the OTA update, but with resume on reboot, apps are now able to access Credential Encrypted (CE) storage after the OTA reboot, without the user unlocking the device

Variable Refresh Rate

Applications and games would now be able to set a favored casing rate for their windows. Most Android gadgets invigorate the showcase at 60Hz revives rate, yet a few gadgets bolster different revive rates, for example, 90Hz just as 60Hz, with runtime, exchanging. On these gadgets, the framework utilizes the application’s favored edge rate to pick the best invigorate rate for the application. The API is accessible in both the SDK and NDK.

Third Preview of Android 11

On 23 April 2020, Google releases the third Preview of android R with these features

App exit reasons updates

Applications can exist for an assortment of reasons, from colliding with framework execution or client activity.

Over the numerous gadget types, memory designs, and client situations that your application runs in,

it’s imperative to comprehend why the application left and what the state was at that point.

Android 11 makes this simpler with a leave reasons API that you can use to demand subtleties of the application’s ongoing ways out

Wireless Debugging

In Android 11, we’ve totally patched up the troubleshooting experience utilizing ADB over a Wi-Fi association.

With restricted USB ports on PCs and a bunch of USB links and associations with deal with, the Wireless Debugging highlight in Android 11 can assist you with being progressively profitable.

In contrast to the current TCP/IP investigating work process, Wireless Debugging on Android 11 needn’t bother with a link to set up,

recollects associations after some time, and can use the max throttle of the most recent Wi-Fi guidelines.


You can give your feedback here and visit Android 11 developer site

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